How To Prevent Pregnancy

How To Prevent Pregnancy Naturally After Missing Period

How To Prevent Pregnancy Naturally: The population in India is growing rapidly. Everyday about 41 children per thousand are born in our country. The...

How To Deal With Period Cramps- Home Remedies

How To Deal With Period Cramps :Also known as dysmenorrhea, menstrual cramps can affect as many as eight out of ten women at some...
Healthy Eating Habits

How These Healthy Eating Habits Will Change Your Life

Healthy Eating Habits: Nutrition is the science of food and how the body uses it. Like all living things, human beings need food to...
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eye specialist

What Eye Specialist Saying About Your Eyesight

What Eye Specialist Say About Your Eyesight: The eyes are a very important part of our body. There are certain exercises for the eyes...
How To Cure Gastritis Permanently Home Remedies

How To Cure Gastritis Permanently Home Remedies

Gastritis is another common disease everyone suffering from, gastritis is a broad term for inflammation or irritation of the inner lining of the stomach.In...
Signs Of A Stroke

What Are The Warning Signs Of A Stroke ?

Signs Of A Stroke: Stroke is the term used to describe a sudden loss of function in a portion of the brain. Typically, that...
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