Amazing Cardamom Tea Benefits You Must Know?

Amazing “Cardamom Tea Benefits”:  Today we are going to talk about “cardamom” and it is also known as queen of spices. It is also known as for its amazing benefits in digestion and for its carminative properties. It also helps in bleaching vomiting and nausea it induces precipitation and also improve circulation We generally use cardamom added with tea coffee and milk and also reduces toxicity and bad effects of caffeine.

Quick Tips-

  • Cardamom is also used as remedy for delayed and defective absorption of nutrients. You can
    also try mixing cardamom with dried up Ginger then Crush it finely.Take half spoon of it
    twice daily.
  • If you are suffering from bad breath ,sore throat and dried mouth can prepare and infusion
    of Cardamom Cinnamon and bay leaves and then drink it this will reduce your bad breath.
  • If you are suffering from nasal block try to burn cardamom on coal and inhale its smoke
    will definitely help you.
  • In case of in digestion make an infusion of Cardamom, saunf and Ginger in equal amount.
  • It is also useful in the case of constipation .Eat ripe banana with a cardamom before
    going to bed.
  • Boil few mint leaves in a cup of water take it off the stove and half teaspoon of powdered
    cardamom seeds, mix thoroughly ,and drink it .This cures the loss of taste and nausea.

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Source: From internet, some relevant books(Ayurveda for all).
Note: This information is only for educational purpose. Please consult a doctor before using them.
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