The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Benefits Of Drinking Water

Benefits Of Drinking Water: You have been always suggested by your doctor to drink plenty of water every day to be healthy. So here we gonna discuss benefits of drinking water

Benefits Of Drinking Water: Medicinal Uses

1. To eliminate constipation– Drink 3 or 4 glasses of fresh water early in the morning before sunrise. It will help eliminate the chances of constipation and other intestinal disorders.

2. To cure coryza- Boil water and then place for cooling. When warm, sip it slowly. It will give relief in the cold.

3. To keep eyes fit- Splash fresh water in the eyes early in the morning daily. The eyes will remain fit and eyesight will improve.

4.To cure anuresis- Place boiled water in a tub and when water is warm, sit in such a manner that your waist remains dipped. Sit for half an hour twice a day. The stopped urination will restart soon.

5. To protect against sunstroke- Keep your belly full of water when you are out during summer noon. You will not be affected by high temperature.

6. To keep the cold away- suck the fresh water through nose early in the morning daily.One will not suffer from cold forever.

Benefits Of Drinking Water: Miracles of Water Therapy

1. I might sound incredible, but facts cannot be denied too As said by Confucius nearly 2500 years back, the health of an organism is tempered wholly by the mechanics of the stomach.As a modern saint, Paramahansa Yoganananda analyzed that it is overheating (or eating on all the 365 days of a year) that leads to and complicates diseases.

2. Before discussing the details, one might be interested to know some of the diseases, which can be cured by this therapy.

3. A headache, hypertension, anemia, rheumatism, general paralysis, obesity, arthritis, sinusitis, tachycardia, anesthesia.

4. A cough, asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, meningitis, hepatic diseases, urogenital diseases, hyperacidity, gastritis, dysentery, rectal prolapses, constipation, hemorrhoids, diabetes.

5. Eye troubles, ophthalmia, hemorrhage ophthalmia, irregular menstruation, leucorrhoea, uterine cancer, cancer of the mammary glands, rhinitis laryngitis etc.

6. How can one practice water therapy? Every morning as soon as one gets up, what one has to do is not wash one’s mouth and face but drink 1.26 kg (1260 c.c.) of water at a stretch.Only then should one wash one’s face.

7. For the next 45 minutes, one should not eat nor take beverages.

8. All this should be preceded by some preparations.After the dinner, one should not eat nor drink stimulating beverages or soft drinks.

9. While following this therapy, one should drink water two hours after a meal.One should not consume any drinks containing poison or snacks/fast food before going to bed.

10. Where water contains impurities, it should be boiled in the night to be used in the morning.

11. Experience has shown that the following disease was cured by water therapy within the time shown below:-

  • Hypertension                         One-month
  • Gastroptosis                          Two Months
  • Constipation                          One month
  • Diabetes                               One week
  • Cancer                                  One month
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis           Three months

12. A person suffering from arthritis and rheumatism should use water therapy three times a day for one week and thereafter, once a day.

So you can say these are some benefits of drinking water or miracles of drinking water.


Do not drink water just before a meal or just after a meal or even during a meal. It will have harmful effects. Take water one hour after a meal. It will help in the digestion of food.

Hope you guys loved these amazing benefits of drinking water, and why you should drink water, and if you understand what you have to do now after reading this article, I have some mindblowing tips regarding your Lifestyle.

 Killer Tips For Better LifeStyle
benefits of drinking water

Fruits are essential in the diet.Take them after two hours of the meal during the daytime.

Boil water and mix a little salt and take it when and lukewarm in place of tea. It will help dissolve oily greasy substances.

Avoid drinking water during the meal because it will dilute the digestive enzymes. Take it one hour after the meal.

Go for urination just after taking a meal regularly.

Sleep lying left side for some time just after taking the meal. It will help improve the digestive system.

Avoid running or going on a long walk just after taking the meal.

Drink fresh water before sunrise early in the morning when you leave the bed.

Soak gram (Cicer arietinum) seeds in water and keep them overnight. Take them in the morning regularly. Diabetic patients should consume gram seeds after getting them roasted during the daytime.

Make it a habit to consume salad with the meal. It will provide additional nutritive elements.

Take the fruits of cucumber (Cucumis melo). It will help digest wheat. Avoid taking it empty stomach.

Roast wheat bran and mix two spoonfuls of sugar. Take it with warm water daily before sleep.

Consume less salt and sweets after the age of 40 years.

Take an apple daily for one month. It will remove the brain’s weakness and insomnia.

To take vegetable of pointed gourd or (Trichosanthes dioica) is suitable in the months of rainy season. It helps control tridoshas namely Vayu, pita and Kapha.

Drink milk just after eating the mango.

Those suffering from diarrhea should take curd, butter goat’s milk, dry ginger and water

Those suffering from bronchitis should take cow’s milk.honey, mash, brinjal, garlic, and ginger

Avoid drinking wine, consuming tobacco and smoking when you are suffering from cancer

Take cooked vegetable of unripe papaya fruit.It makes liver healthy.

Those suffering from indigestion should not take bitter gourd.

Do not take milk and fish at a time.It will cause skin diseases

Do not take milk and salt or sour dishes sometimes.

Do not consume sugar, ghee, butter, resins, grapes, banana, groundnut, rice, potato’s preparations, almond, cashew nut and cheeku or sapodilla (Achras zapota) when you are suffering from diabetes.

Do not consume vegetable of angled loofah (Luffa acutangula when you are suffering from dysentery because it creates froth in feces.

Do not consume the fruits of Jambos (Syzygium cumini in large quantity, because they cause pain in chest and create gastric trouble.

Do not take grapes when you are suffering from skin diseases,

Do not eat potato in any form during the rainy season because starch causes warmth in body

Do not consume the vegetable of jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lamk.) if you are suffering from dyspepsia.

Do not take more salt because your hair will start falling, resulting in baldness.

Do not take vegetable of smooth loofah (Luffa cylindrica when you are suffering from phlegm.

Do not take tea empty stomach. Take one to two cups only per day.

Do not take curd in the evening or at night, because it may cause a cough and cold

Take small cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) after taking banana fruits.

Take meal only once during the rainy season. It will keep digestion normal.

Before having mangoes, place them in water for 3 to hours.

Do not consume leafy vegetables in August and September.

Drink more water when you have consumed rice in the diet.

Purchase vegetables which have insect-bitten leaves. They are safe as they have not been poisoned by toxic fertilizers.

Mix husk of the seeds of mung (Phaseolus aureus with wheat flour. Prepare chapatis and take them during the rainy season.

Do not use mustard oil in the preparation of vegetable or other dishes during March-April.

Do not take bitter gourd during the months of September and October.

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