Amazing Benefits Of Turmeric During Pregnancy

Amazing Benefits Of Turmeric:  Turmeric is on of the most used ingredient in your kitchen it has been used as medicine for years and largely used as spice and coloring agent for food at your home daily. Turmeric is also known for its healing power and studies have further established its effectiveness. It is one of most essential drug for a human body because of its amazing benefits in different disease as it has power of digestion, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, anti-platelet, anti-cancer and its cholesterol lowering property makes it potential in the treatment of different diseases.

Health benefits of turmeric-

  • It can be used as anti-inflammatory agent in the treatment of arthritis, asthma,
    injuries, eczema and other inflammatory disease.

However in the case of any injury and arthritis it advised to use turmeric with more analgesic herbs to be benefited more.

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  • It can also given to the patients who are suffering cardiovascular disease, smokers and
    person with high plasm cholesterol level.
  • Turmeric repairs liver and stomach functioning and boosts digestion, it is recommended to
    use turmeric in infections, inflammation, arthritis and injuries.
  • Turmeric mixed with honey should be in the case of any respiratory allergies, asthama and
    other allergic condition, can be taken twice daily for two to three months to be
  • One can also try using paste of turmeric over your skin work as an excellent medicine for
    ringworm, indolent ulcers and other fungal diseases.
  • Another good use of turmeric is for your face as a beauty product to keep your face fresh
    and toned. Make a paste of turmeric powered and mix it with milk cream, sandalwood and
    some gram floor and apply it as facemask daily, and see your glowing skin.
  • Turmeric mixed with neem oil acts as an excellent anti-infective agent in chronic ulcers,
    bed sores, eczema etc.

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  • It can be also used as effective contraceptive device. During menstrual periods regular
    application of turmeric paste over the body is said to be effective.
  • It can also be as eye cleanser, dry a clean cloth with turmeric, dry it and wipe eyes
    regularly with this.


Turmeric is largely known for its healing power and it is one of most essential drug for a
human body because of its amazing benefits in different disease.

Source: From internet, some relevant books(Ayurveda for all).
Note: This information is only for educational purpose. Please consult a doctor before using them.
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