Chinese Drink Bird’s Nest Soup: Bizarre Foods Of World

Bizarre Foods:Here are some funny facts on food from around the world.  This is an list of funny but bizarre food stuffs from all over the world which will make you feel crazy and you will say are you mad.

Bizarre Foods Of China

Bizarre Foods
Bird’s Nest
  • A Chinese food specially is bird’s nest soup. The soup is actually made from the nests of birds.

  • The Chinese love tea. One variety of their tea is jasmine Tea. It is made from dried jasmine flowers.

  • A usaual Chinese dish is chicken cooked in honey.

Bizarre Foods Of Japan

Bizarre Foods
Puffer, Fugu Fish
  • A very special Japanese delicacy is made from a poisonous fish, the fugu. Only expert chefs prepare this fish by carefully removing the poisonous parts. A risky way to eat indeed, it leads to a few deaths every year.

Bizarre Foods Of Thailand

Bizarre Foods
Mud Water Fish
  • Eating mud water fish may not sound very appealing but in Thailand, it is considered a delicacy. It is served on the table by placing the dish on small stoves in order to keep it hot.

  • Instead of drinking tea, some Thais prefer to chew tea leaves mixed with salt.

Bizarre Foods Of Myanmar

Bizarre Foods
Dragon Fish
  • A peculiar dish of Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a fermented fish called nga-pi.

  • The people of Myanmar are also fond of pickled tea.

Bizarre Foods Of Tibet

Bizarre Foods
  • In Tibet, tea is consumed mixed with yak butter.

Bizarre Foods Of Cambodia

Bizarre Foods
  • In Cambodia, marijuana is used as a spice. But in this form, it does not have any hallucinating effects.

Bizarre Foods Of India

Bizarre Foods
Opium Poppy Seeds
  • In India, opium poppy seeds are used to make sweet dishes like kheer and even some curries. Like marijuana, in this form they are not harmful.

Bizarre Foods Of Indonesia

Bizarre Foods
Candle Nuts
  • One of the spices used in Indonesia is the candle-nut. It is so-called as it is inflammable and can actually be lit like a wick.

Bizarre Foods Of Panama

Bizarre Foods
  • In Panama, a type of lizard called the iguana is found. Its meat is cooked and eaten by the locals and is reported to taste just like chicken.

Bizarre Foods Of Mexico

Bizarre Foods
Chapatti, Roti
  • Tortilla is a popular Mexican dish resembling the Indian chapatti or roti. It is reported to be a 3,000-year old recipe. From kneading the dough (which is required to be kept aside for a long time) to its baking, it takes 15 hours to make.

Bizarre Foods Of South America

Bizarre Foods
  • Tribesmen of South America eat some dishes garnished with live ants.

Bizarre Foods Of France

Bizarre Foods
  • Arleux in France is considered to be the garlic capital of the world. In December every year, a garlic festival is held there in which a garlic queen is chosen. She is presented with her weight, not in gold or silver, but in garlic.

  • One of the costliest dishes in the world is from Dordogne in France. It is made from the meat of a giant goose, which is overfed for months before being slaughtered and served on the dining table.

  • There is a delicacy in France called Truffles. This is nothing but a black fungus found under the soil on the roots of oak trees. It is formed due to a disease in the tree. Sniffer dogs traditionally trace out this fungus. Another curious method of tracing this fungus. Another curious method of tracing this fungus is to look for hordes of mosquitoes hovering over the ground, which indicates the presence of fungus.

Bizarre Foods Of American

Bizarre Foods
Hot Dog
  • It is well-known that American are voracious eaters of hot dogs. It is estimated that if all the hot dogs produced in the US were to be placed end to end, they would cover the distance from earth to the moon and back.

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