How To Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally Amazing Tips

How To Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally: Arthritis is on of the well-known disease to everyone , it can be characterized by inflammation, soreness and stiffness of muscles and pain in joints and associated structure. This disease is also known as rheumatic disease. Rheumatic disease are of various type such as rheumatic fever, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis.

Symptoms Of Rheumatoid Arthritis-

Here we gonna talk about rheumatoid arthritis or in simple words we say it (Arthritis).
Rheumatoid arthritis can be caused due to improper diet (in most of the cases), include exhaustion, frequent sex, intense worry and emotional disturbances.

Improper fat metabolism in digestive system shows a special affinity for the bones and joints. Since the membrane lining of the colon is intimately connected with the nutrition of cartilage and bone . The immune system sweeps in to attack, and the disease is created. If you do not check it regularly , the inflammation becomes chronic and destroys the joint , which causes muscles to be shrinked.

All this happen because of undigested food present in the colon. The pain in the muscles and joints increase gradually and also cause unusual tiredness and felling of unease.

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Quick Tips-

  • Try to avoid oily food, animal fats, fried foods, dairy products, freezed food, sugar, alcohol, chillies, potatoes, tobacco and also reduce the use of salt.
  • Try using oils such as castor oil, mustard oil these can help in reduction of inflammation. Apply a film of warm mustard or castor oil on the affected joint and then give some dry heat at affected area.
  • Take a mixture of equal parts of sand and powdered rock salt, heat it in a pan and pour the heated powder into cotton and then apply it to the joints.
  • One can also try sun bath as it also good for arthritis joints.
  • Intake of bitter and pungent substances especially during exacerbation stimulates digestion and indirectly helps in reducing inflammation. Some commonly known substances which are bitter includes Tinospora Cordiofolia, neem etc. are helpful.
  • Try using garlic oil by crushing there capsules and apply oil in the affected areas.
    There is a simple trick for you crush 2-3 cloves of garlic and mix it with dilute milk and drink it daily before going to bed.
  • Simple yoga asanas and some breathing exercises work as anti-inflammatory. A regular exercise programme is especially important for overweight patients causes heavy limbs put extra strain on muscles and joints.

Use these common Anti-inflammatory Herbs-

  1. Ginger
  2. Licorice root
  3. Asafoetida
  4. Turmeric
  5. Garlic

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