Do You Know ? How To Prevent Hair Loss

How To Prevent Hair Loss: is the biggest  and the most agonising problem of the youth today, ayurvedic herbs have long been associated with hair care. Hair is made up of protein called keratin , so keeping a healthy diet and practising good hygiene are essential parts of maintaining luscious locks .

Here I listed some major reasons which causes hair loss

How To Prevent Hair Loss: Washing

How To Prevent Hair Loss

To begin with, everything used for the hair should be spotlessly clean. Brushes should be of good quality. It is not so stiff as to damage the hair, but the bristles are long and stiff enough to brush the scalp apart from the hair. Make sure combs you are using should be blunt toothed. Both combs and brushes should be washed twice a week and should be kept in separate boxes. It is best to use cold water for washing hair as it keeps both brain and scalp cool and helps in toning the scalp and refreshing the nervous system.

How To Prevent Hair Loss: Massage

How To Prevent Hair Loss

Daily hair care is necessary. Massage of the scalp is perhaps the best method for keeping your hair healthy and preventing hair loss. whether a good massage can be given with blunt toothed comb but the best way to massage is with hands as give proper massage to scalp. This ensures good circulation and an increased blood supply to the hair roots. A head massage is very helpful in relieving tension, strengthens the hair  roots.

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How To Prevent Hair Loss: Brushing

How To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair should be brushed well, recommended in front of an open window at night and in the morning. Brushing the hair from back to front ventilates the scalp. Comb hair well and make sure you should not brush your hair  vigorously as brushing like this may damage your hairs.

How To Prevent Hair Loss: Shampooing

How To Prevent Hair Loss

Traditionally, herbs are used to cleanse the hair, which removes the dirt without disturbing the natural functioning of the scalp. You can prepare by your own. Take a stems of alovera, squeeze it to let the gel come. Add a handful of herbs(sapindus trifoliatus, Tinospora cordifolia etc.)  and boil in half pint of water, gently apply on your scalp leave it for 5 minutes and then wash with cool luke  water. The foam of the chemical shampoos has little to do with the cleaning effect. They are simple and harsh chemicals which strip the outer protein layer of the hair and dry the scalp, making the use of conditioners necessary.


How To Prevent Hair Loss

Artificial conditioners do little more than provides an oily film that traps dirt and makes the hair looks dull. If you always prefers to use conditioner after shampooing, one prepare an effective conditioner at home. Mix honey , lemon juice and water in the ratio of 2:1:5. After washing hair , gently rub this mixture over your scalp and hair thoroughly. Rinse it after about a minute.


How To Prevent Hair Loss

Oiling is also necessary for healthy hair. Massage should be done using either oils or lotions, both of which are useful in different ways. They act as antiseptics or lubricants during massage. One can use variety  of medicated oils (coconut hair)available in market to maximise the benefits.

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Note: This information is only for educational purpose. Please consult a doctor before using them.
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