How To Prevent Pregnancy Naturally After Missing Period


How To Prevent Pregnancy Naturally: The population in India is growing rapidly. Every day about 41 children per thousand is born in our country. The statistics show that at this rate there will be about 17000 babies per day! The above statistics are enough to prove that the present method of contraception in use have failed in many aspects and there is the need for a new approach to the problem. Except for pills, intra-uterine devices and surgery, the failure rate of various other contraceptive methods is high. To add to the problem, the methods with lowest rate of failure are the ones with the highest side effects. For example, intra-uterine contraceptive devices like the copper-T can cause vaso-vagal attacks and uterine cramps, spotting, excessive menstrual flow and painful menstruation. Other complications include inflammation of the pelvic parts, implantation outside the uterine cavity, menorrhagia and dysmenorrhea.

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Oral pills have side-effects that may range from headache, migraine, depression, irritability, increased weight and weakness too much more serious conditions including the formation of blood clots that can threaten circulation in the heart, brain and lungs which may lead to heart attack or stroke or pulmonary embolism.

In some cases, inter-menstrual bleeding, scanty menstruation, vaginal infections, suppressed milk production in lactating mothers, nausea, vomiting, and loss of libido are also seen. Liver and gall bladder dysfunction, impaired carbohydrate metabolism can also occur, hence they are contraindicated in diabetic women.

Surgical sterilisation in males can sometimes result in formation of hematoma, spontaneous recanalisation, spermatocele or auto immunity through formation of anti-spermal antibodies. Keeping these disadvantage in view, there is great demand for low-cost, user-friendly, reliable, and side effect free approach for family planning. Therefore, research on ayurvedic herbs is on.

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How To Prevent Pregnancy: Quick Tips

  • The seed of shireesha (Albizzia lebbeck) is a potent spermicide. It immobilizes the human sperm in one minute. Females can use it as a local application.
  • In case of females, neem oil when applied locally, acts as vaginal contraceptive. One ml of the oil when applied by a special applicator makes the sperms immobile within 30 seconds.
  • Pippali (piper longum), vidanga (Embelia ribes) and Tankana (borax), made into a powder in equal quantities and taken with milk during the fertile phase, is an effective powder in equal quantities and taken with milk during the fertile phase, is an effective contraceptive.
  • The root of Apaamaarga (Achyranthes aspera) made into powder and if taken daily for seven days from the fourth day of menses, and abstinence from sex till the next memses, results in permanent sterility. This was also confirmed in study.
  • The root of chitrakam (plumbago zeylanica) is to be boiled with rice gruel and after filtration, the decoction is to be taken consecutively for three days after the menstrual period.
  • Flowers of japa (Hibiscus rosasinensis), if taken immediately after the delivery of a child, is said to prevent future conception and if at all there is conception, there will be abortion. The anti-implantation activity of this was tested scientifically.
  • Administration of the pulp of one or two castor seeds during the menstrual period is stated to prevent fertilisation. According to the journal of pharmaceutical sciences, castor oil produced pelvic congestion as result of intestinal irritation which can induce abortion.
  • The herb Arka (Calotropis gigantea) inhibits spermatogenesis and acts as oral contraceptive for males.

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