Why You Should Eat Watermelon ? 11 Surprising Watermelon Benefits

Surprising Watermelon Benefits  :We already know that watermelon is known for its cooling, soothing, diuretic, vermifuge, and nutritive effects. Watermelons mostly contains contain water about 92% of water (approx).
It contain only 46 calories per cup but high in vitamin C, vitamin A and antioxidants.
Their refreshing quality and sweet taste helps to combat the heat and cool our body and
mind , it is usually given as supplement, with excellent effect in cardiovascular and
renal disorders associated with sodium and water retention.

watermelon is the on of the most watery fruit amongst all and also a rich source of
potassium. So it can can be perfectly used in the treatment of urinary stones, scanty
urination and also work in extreme condition diabetes, starvation etc.

Here are some surprising watermelon benefits


Watermelon best work in the case of extreme thirst and provides the mineral lost due to
excessive perspiration and cools body and mind , protects from the bad effects of heat

Burning sensation

If you feel burning sensation like in the condition of jaundice, biliousness, headaches,
thirst, urinary infection in urinary tract ,in the case like this you can try out using
juice of watermelon mixed with buttermilk work as an excellent remedies in such case.

Dehydrating agent

It also acts as a dehydrating agent in gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, vomiting nausea and in
such common disease. So you try out using watermelon drinks or directly eat watermelon
with lemon or honey to maximize benefits.

Reliefs insomnia

In the conditions like insanity,hysteria, insomnia and in other conditions it works best.
Try this remedy, use a ripened watermelon and cut it into two halves and the pulp inside
should be taken out so that we get a hollow structure. Now it then put as a cap on the
shaved head of patient for three hours and replaced with another ne. The process is
repeated three to four times a day, this should be practices generally for four days.

Face scrubber

It can also be used as face pack for skin, because of its mild bleaching property makes
the skin look toned and fairer. Take a fresh watermelon and make a hole, push three
handful of rice, a handful of dry peas, a pinch of camphor and two teaspoonfuls of lime
juice through its opening . Keep it for a week. Dry them in shade and after drying it make
fine powder of it. After doing all these things, make a mixture by mixing a tsp powder of
it with milk and now you can use it as a face pack to get a glowing and fairer skin.

Watermelon weight loss

People suffering from high blood pressure, scanty urination with burning sensation , loss
of weight, blood vomiting and many other related diseases sufferings , may take milky
juice of watermelon seeds along with poppy seeds, almonds, sugar ,honey acts as good
medicine in such diseases.

Healthy Bones

Additionally, benefits of watermelon include providing vitamin C, which has been shown to
protect cartilage and bones, be used in repairing tendons and ligaments, and help in
speeding wound healing and scar tissue.

Prevents Kidney Stone

Studies found that high content of potassium found in watermelon is very helpful in
cleaning toxins and washing out waste from blood and helps in preventing kidney stones.

Detoxify body

The higher water content in watermelon shows detoxification of body as watermelon is made
up of mostly water, with about 90% of water. Potassium also work as a good detoxifying

Better digestion

Watermelon is also good for digestion, and empower your stomach for better digestion ,
keeps you feel fresh.


The components lycopene, potassium found in watermelon helps protect against oxidative
damage and inflammation.

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